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About Allison

If you are anything like me, you…

…know there’s more than just following “hard rules of writing” to craft a great story

…want to write a story that’s never been written

…want to be the king or queen of your craft

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5 Ways to Write Dialogue That Flows

September 13, 2016

Writing dialogue is one of my favorites parts of the storytelling process. It also happens to be one of the biggest struggles for me. I have a hard time writing…

Creative Writing Ideas

6 Steps to Create an Unforgettable Cast of Characters

September 6, 2016

Need help creating believable characters in your story? Learn how to make them human and avoid common character development mistakes.

Plot Development Guide for Character-Driven Writers

How to Fix the Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Plot

August 3, 2016

Are you a character-driven writer? Use this guide to give your plot the attention it deserves!

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